Friday, July 24, 2015

Esprit de She

the whole crew was out there!
crossing the finish line in style
the race swag! these bags were sweet

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Becoming a triathlete

As a kid my mom made sure to take my brother and I to swimming lessons at our local YMCA. I remember graduating from guppy to minnow and how proud I was to be able to swim continuous laps. Then before I started school we moved to Mexico where almost everyone I went to school with was a member of at least one country club. This was all new and foreign to me, but the kids were friendly and I soon learned that it was the norm to get invites to each others clubs. I was thankful for all those swim lessons and pruny fingers I endured to make sure I was comfortable in water. These kids had spend their entire lives in and out of pools. It came natural. We would race from one end of the pool to the other. It felt like I would spend hours on end just treading water; I was one with the water.

After moving back to the US I would swim occasionally, but never like I did in those earlier years. My form got sloppy and it became only about recreation and never for sport. I focused on other things like soccer, volleyball, softball and arts. As the years passed I spent less and less time in the pool, until I finally I couldn't even remember the last time I had gone swimming was.

On Thursday July 25th I took a leap of faith, and with no prior knowledge of the sport, I signed up for the Chicago Triathlon - Sprint distance. This is madness right? I must have still been on that runners high from finishing my first half marathon a few days earlier. I have absolutely lost all semblance of reality. I've just signed up for a triathlon!? I don't even have a bike. Or a wetsuit. Do I need a wetsuit? Do people change between each leg? I don't even know which comes first. Oh boy...I'm definitely in for a ride.

First step: call the family. They might want to know you've lost your mind. Shock. Disbelief. Wait, you're doing what now? Yes, I'm doing a triathlon in less than a month. No, I'm not sure what I'm doing either. Yes, I'm excited. And Scared. Mostly scared.

And so it began. I scoured message boards and websites, anything I could to wrap my head around what I would be doing. First step, what do I wear for the swim? After much deliberation I ordered a trisuit and wetsuit on Amazon. Thankfully they arrived only a few days later and both fit like a charm. Next, I need a bike. Went to the shop and decided on a nice Trek Hybrid. I wasn't ready to go all in on a road or tri bike. I mean, what if I don't even like triathlon? Hah, yeah that's a joke, when have I not become all consumed with something I set my sights on?

So there I was. A brand new baby triathlete with some bare minimum gear but a ton of heart. Luckily I found a fellow sorority sister who was also doing her first tri and we began to train together. Jenny and I would meet in the mornings before the sun came up to do our run. We decided to swim on Tuesdays. I showed up to my first open water swim lead by Lifetime and just hoped for the best. Like a clumsy baby animal I struggled to get my wetsuit on. I marveled at all the seasoned athletes with their "suit juice" and plastic bags and baby shampoo. I'm not even sure what any of these things are for but they look intriguing. And necessary. Yes, we need baby shampoo. Right?

Ok, time to hop in the water. Sweet baby Jesus its cold. Goodness gracious. People enjoy this? How? And you want me to do what now? Let the water INTO my wetsuit? I thought the whole point was to keep it out? Perhaps this is not for me. I can barely even see in the water. This it always here? Time to swim to that buoy they tell me. I dunk my head underwater and great, this is marvelous, I've forgotten how to breath. Or is my wetsuit slowly asphyxiating me? Just keep swimming. Just keep moving. Basically all I've done is tread water and attempt to freestyle and now I'm starving. Well kids, its been real but I think its time to head home and never come back. Who invented this open water swimming anyway?

Yeah, those first few weeks of training were rough. I had to learn to do things I always thought just came naturally. I was anything but natural. Even the bike felt awkward. A few weeks before the race there was an invitational sprint distance event, untimed, to acclimate to triathlon. It was here that I met Claire and Denise (who I'm sure by now you've realized are my tri family, forged in fire and body glide). They gave me hope. I realized I wasn't alone and maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

The day before my race was the super sprint race. Jenny had decided to go with this distance and I was there to cheer her on. The energy was absolutely electric. I smiled, I cried, I was overwhelmed with emotion. This. This would be me tomorrow. I will be able to claim the title of triathlete. That night I slept at another sorority sisters apartment (thanks owesome! I luhhh you!) and she walked me through the pre race prep. We laid everything out and then made sure to get some rest. Well maybe she rested, my nerves got the best of me and all I could do was lay there and dream about each leg of the race.

I woke up in a panic. Is it late? Did I miss it? Oh, its time to head to transition? Ok let me grab a flashlight. Under the cover of darkness we found our bike rack, set up our transition area then headed back to her apartment for an extra nap. There was a folly of errors when leaving for the second time and I almost missed my swim start. I suited up in my wetsuit in the car and literally jumped out of her car on Lake Shore Drive. I hopped a fence and there I was watching all the women with the matching swim caps hop into the water. I was frantic. Oh no, I haven't even zipped up. The nice gentleman at the swim start must have recognized my panic and offered to zip me up then push me in. Shit. I've lost my nose plug. It has been claimed by the depths of Lake Michigan. You can do this. Get it together.

I pretended like all those spectators were cheering for me. Let's go Jack! Jack? Oh no, they said Nat right? Transition was a bit of a blur. I got what I needed to and made my way to bike start. For the record, Lake Shore Drive is NOT flat. I'm not sure how I was under that misguided impression but it was totally false. That WHOLE DAMN THING is nothing but rolling hills. To my baby triathlete legs and unskilled gear shifting they felt like mountains. WHHHHHHYYYYYY did I do this!?! Somewhere around Wilson there is a man standing in the median and he yells out to me. "Hechale GANAS!!!". Thank you sir, I needed that. Time to giddy up!

The run. Ooooh the dreaded run. This is where I should feel most comfortable. I want to die. My legs feel like cinderblocks. Am I even moving? Oh heyyyy there's my family! Did you guys come to carry me away? Much of this run is me convincing myself that my heart will go on. Yup, totally in the Titanic, I feel like I'm on a sinking ship, kinda way. A hill? Why on God's green earth would you put this hill just before the final turn to the finish line? Its just.not.right.

Ok here we go, there's my brother and Colleen his girlfriend. They've come to say their last farewell to my sanity. You've got this. Keep pushing. Left foot, right foot. Wipe that sweat off. Holy mother of God, I can SEEEEEE the finish line. All smiles. Some tears. THIS.IS.IT. This is what it all comes down to, me and this final chute into glory. I hear screaming, perhaps that's for me. I can't even tell. All I'm focused on is that red timing mat. As I cross I feel the most intense wave of elation, pride, exhaustion. It just all hits me at once. I see my mom and grandma as I walk through the finisher area. Just seeing them makes me tear up all over again. I've done it. I actually did a triathlon. And the look on their face is priceless, it tells me what I need most, I've made them proud.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

pre-race coffee to get things going
obligatory Midwest Vikings team pic
oh hai friend!
I think I was dancing
adding smiles to our miles
post race sweaty selfie success

Venus de Miles

I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the ambassadors for the Venus de Miles Ride/Run 2015. As an ambassador I get to host fun events and spread the word about the events beneficiary, the Greenhouse Scholars.
Live Grit owner Gillian Fealy and the VDM Chicago ambassadors
A little info on the event:
Venus de Miles is Colorado and Illinois’ first all-women's athletic event. Multiple course options welcome all ability levels and ages to this celebration of sisterhood and community.  Participants are treated to healthy food, cocktails, spa services, and a lot of fun. The event benefits Greenhouse Scholars, an education organization that works with extraordinary college students from low-income communities and inspires, supports, and drives them to change the trajectory of their careers, their families, and their communities - forever.

Out on the bike ride!
There are two different bike ride options, the 25 mile or 62 mile course. This year for the first time they also added a 5k run/walk option which is the event I'll be participating in! I really wanted to try out one of the bike rides, but seeing as how I have prior commitments later in the day (I'll be cheering Denise on at the finish line of her first Half Ironman!) the 5k was my best option.

For the weeks leading up to the event I've been hosting a group training/fun run from the Hyde Park New Balance Store. We welcome ALL paces, no one gets left behind. If you'd like to join us we'll be there every Monday at 6:15pm and head out towards the lake for about a 3 mile run.

Aside from the weekly runs I was also involved in an event hosted at Live Grit. Along with the owner of the store, myself and a few other VDM ambassadors invited anyone who was interested to meet us at the store for a 12 mile bike ride followed by a 5k run. The bike course was a 2 mile loop ending at the store so for those who needed a break or didn't want to do the full 12 miles they were able to chose the mileage they preferred. The run course was similar, a 1 mile loop also ending at the store.

One of my Midwest Vikings teammates came out to join us and kept me company for the 12 mile bike ride. When we finished up it was so hot out that we needed a break to hydrate before tackling the run. I was only able to run a mile before the heat finally won and I stopped at the store to refresh before giving my presentation about VDM and the Greenhouse Scholars.

For those unfamiliar with the Greenhouse Scholars here are a few highlights:

Greenhouse Scholars is an education non-profit that works with extraordinary college students from low-income communities and inspires, supports, and drives them to change the trajectory of their careers, their families, and their communities. Scholars are club leaders, sports team captains, and outstanding students. They are high-performing role models in their communities despite facing enormous obstacles. They have endured loss, abuse, homelessness, upheaval, and countless other

The program provides:
• Professional networking
One-on-one mentorship
• Peer support
• Internships
• An annual Summer Symposium focused on leadership development
• Flex funding
• A tuition scholarship

We had a great turnout and I'm beyond ecstatic to participate in the event this weekend! If you'd like to join me for the run, the price is only $45 through July 24th and you can save $10 by using the code RACENEVERENDS (you can also use the code for either of the bike ride options).
Erica, me, Eanista and Janelle after the presentation
Bike ride done, time for the run!
My teammate Mark and I
What a great turnout! Thanks for joining us :)

Christmas in July 5k

Last year I ran this race and PRed (race recap here). I was REAALLLLY hoping to reclaim that glory at this years race. The Christmas in July offers 5 different race options (5k on Friday, 10k on Saturday and then a 6, 12 or 24 hour ultra). One of these years I'll try the ultra, maybe next time. With the Rock n Roll Half Marathon to consider, the 5k was again my best option this time around.

I arrived early to grab my race packet and lather myself in bug spray. The heat and humidity on Friday were outrageous but I kept hope alive that by the time the race started it wouldn't be as bad. As I toed the starting line to head out for the run I realized those hopes were in vain. I was standing still and sweating. This would be ugly.

The first mile I started strong and felt pretty good. As we passed the mile marker sign I checked my pace and realized I was on target for a PR. But then, humidity. And plants. And bugs. We ran into the woods and it felt like I was breathing through a straw. I was struggling to control my breathing and wasting way too much energy swatting bugs away from me. When I finally reached the aid station I knew it was bad news bears for me and started to walk. I had cramps, sweat dripping into my eyes and pretty much just wanted to call it a day. So much for that elusive PR.

It was really hard to get my momentum going again. The air felt thick to move through and my feet were not cooperating. When I finally hit the beginning of mile 3 I felt a second wind coming on. Not energy, but determination. I wanted this race to be over. My body was not feeling it. I trudged along until I finally saw the finish line, but even then I didn't have the desire to finish strong like I almost always do. I got my medal, grabbed a Gatorade and collapsed into a chair. I was a hot steaming pile of sweat.

I'll be back again next year though. This race is tremendously well organized and staffed. All of the volunteers are helpful and friendly. The course is so well marked you would have to purposefully make an effort to go off course. While I haven't ever received an AG award, they have some pretty sweet ones. They also have a kids race on both Friday and Saturday that are free. I love watching the little kiddos give it their all and come swarming around the parking lot.

If you're looking for a smaller race you should definitely check this one out. Especially if you'd like to try out an ultra for the first time. I've had friends participate in the ultra events both years that I've gone and they've had nothing but glowing reviews of their experiences. The ultra races are by time rather than distance so its a great way to get your feet wet without the pressure of reaching a certain mile point by a given cut off time. Thanks Runners 4 Wellness for another great event!


[ ˈkizmit, -ˌmet ]
noun: kismet
destiny; fate:
    "what chance did I stand against kismet?"
Back in 2013 this blog was born after a series of events that firmly planted me on my fitness journey. I'm not sure how I was so fortunate to be at the right place at the right time, but there it was. Serendipity. Going way back to my very first post I sort of described how I became a runner. A few posts later I followed up with my story about getting a free race entry into both the Rock n Roll Half Marathon AND Chicago Triathlon. Last year after running that same half marathon for the second time I did a sort of soul searching recap, reflecting on my first full year as a runner.

Last night as I sat at the dinner table with Claire and Denise going over my unofficial race recap I retold the story of my very first half marathon. I realized its something I haven't always shared with everyone. It seems so long ago, back to a time and place when I doubted my own abilities and didn't realize how much more I was capable of. Looking back on the progress I've made really put things in perspective for me. I'll do a full recap of the race from this weekend in a few days, but for now, I'm still reminiscing about how lucky I've been.

This time two years ago I did not consider myself a runner. I had a handful of 5Ks under my belt and even a few obstacle course races, but I still didn't FEEL like a runner. I was slow and clumsy and didn't think I could EVER consider running anything longer than a half marathon. I thought it would take me at least a year to even try a 10k. Its surreal to think back to a time when I thought running 6 miles was absurd. In one of the most fortuitous turn of events in my running career, I was given a free entry to the Rock n Roll Half Marathon 2013. I felt so blessed from the opportunity that I wrote the following email to the woman from Xsport who gave me the entry (that year Xsport was one of the sponsors):

Hi Kelly,

I'm not sure if you'll remember me or not but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for truly going above and beyond to provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service.  On Friday I stopped by the Xsport booth at the Rock'n'Roll 1/2 Marathon Expo to ask about member discounts for the race and you personally walked me over to make sure that the code you had would work.  I told you I wasn't ready to run a half and would use the registration to do the mini marathon (5k) instead.  
Well, after going home that day I started wondering if maybe it was fate stepping in and telling me that I needed to just take a leap of faith and try the half marathon.  I mean you can't cross the ocean if you're always afraid to lose sight of the shore right?  Previously the longest race I had completed was a 5 mile obstacle run so the thought of a half marathon was so daunting that I didn't think I would be ready to even try for at least a few years.  I'm just at the beginning of my fitness journey, I started in November when I ran my very first race and haven't stopped since.  
A few months ago I got really serious about my health and decided to join Xsport which has helped me tremendously.  Since April I have lost a total of 31 lbs!  So you can see how I might be intimidated by a race that most people would think I'm crazy for even trying.  It wasn't until Sunday morning when I was lining up in my corral that I finally made my decision, despite all of the excuses I kept telling myself of why I couldn't do it, I dashed across that starting line to start my very first half marathon just 8 months after lifting myself off the couch to start running.  
I wasn't sure how far I would make it, and it didn't really matter because all I wanted to do was prove that I could at least try.  I  wasn't looking for a fast time, or even a PR, I just wanted the chance to cross that finish line and you gave me that opportunity so for that I will be forever grateful.  I'm happy to say that I indeed did cross that finish line (and surprisingly did so at 3:24:14...which is a time that I will wear proudly like a badge of honor).  Sorry for the lengthy email, but I wanted to let you know how much you changed my life without even knowing it.  You helped me get to the finish line of a race that I never thought I would even start, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but later that day I received the following response from her:
Hi Natali,
WOW!  Thank you SO much for taking the time and effort to write your email! 
Of course I remember you, and I am really thrilled by your achievement!  Some days I get so caught up in business stuff, I forget why I am in this industry, then I get your email, and it makes it all worthwhile.  :)  Fitness can change lives not just by what it does to your body (and that’s incredible!), but it shows you that you can do whatever you set your mind to do, and that is powerful.  Setting a goal and not giving up on yourself is an amazing feat, and I commend you for that!  Anything is possible.  Your story is an inspiration for ME to remember that (because sometimes I forget!).
It’s funny that our interaction started because we had let you down so greatly in the gym, but I am so glad that it enabled us to connect at the Expo and I was able to hear your story.  Thank you so much for reaching out and giving XSport another chance, and congratulations again for reaching beyond your original goal.  Keep going!!  You are amazing!

As I read those emails out loud to Claire & Denise I felt a wave of emotion. It was as if I could feel all of those insecurities and then remembered the courage I found to overcome them. If it weren't for that free race entry I'm not sure how long it would have taken me to convince myself I was capable of completing a half marathon. I surely wouldn't have registered for a triathlon. Sometimes I get so caught up in the next big challenge that I don't take the time to remember how I got here. I've gotten so used to going to that place in my head where I dig down deep to find the strength I need, that I've forgotten how I found that strength in the first place.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Do numbers really matter?

After training for the marathon last year, I realized that endurance training was my cause for weight gain. It could have been muscle or fat but whatever it was, the scale was tipping a higher number after the race than it was before I embarked on my 26.2 journey.

Today I received a scale from iHealth and decided to give it a whirl. I've definitely put on weight since last year, but what does that really mean and does it matter?

From the day I began recording metrics in 2013 until now I've lost a total of 31.2 pounds. I had already been running for about 4 months at that point so my guess is that my starting weight was at least an additional 10 pounds heavier. So for the last year my total weight loss has fluctuated between 40-55 pounds. Sounds impressive even though sometimes I may forget and its still weird for me to go back and look at old pictures of myself. THAT was the body that got me here. THAT was the person who had the courage to try something new and learn to love running/triathlon. THAT was the place where my journey began.

So back to the numbers, there are so many to consider and at the end of the day how do we decide what matters most? Yes, the pounds lost is nice but that is only one measure of success. I'd like to think that dress size might be another indicator but the truth is that for me it hasn't changed dramatically (1-2 dress sizes smaller depending on the brand/fit). What about inches lost? 2" in the waist, 4" in the hips, 4" in the chest, 3" from each arm. All gone. We may not see it in the day to day. The changes are gradual, but they're there.

Those still aren't the numbers that really matter to me. When I started running it wasn't to reach a certain weight, it wasn't to fit into a particular size, and I certainly wasn't giving myself a goal as to how many inches should be shed from different parts of my body. I wanted to be stronger. I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of more than I had imagined. And so, these are the numbers that truly matter to me:

100+: the number of races I have completed
40: the number of bike miles I've ridden in one day
26: the number of minutes I was able to knock off of my Olympic triathlon distance time
18: the number of minutes I have cut from my 5k time since my very first race in 2012
14: the number of minutes I shaved off of my Sprint triathlon time from 2 months ago until now
12: the number of consecutive months I promised myself I would run after I completed my first 5k
3: the number of triathlons I've done in one weekend
2: the number of full marathons I've already completed and also the number of marathons I will complete this fall
1: I only have one body and I've dedicated myself to making it the best version of itself possible

Is it a little bit disheartening to look at a BMI chart and see that my weight puts me into the "obese" category? Yeah. Is it a victory that I'm no longer considered "extremely obese"? Perhaps. Will I ever get to the "normal weight" range? Probably not. But like I said, weight is only one indicator and I refuse to let THAT number define me.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Bigfoot Tri

I LOVE trail running (the muddier the better). It brings me great joy to let my inner child free and just have fun. The hills, the woods, I relish every moment. Because I love the trails so much, my friend Claire asked if I would like to take the trail run leg of a triathlon relay team. Obviously my answer was a resound YES! The team was set; Becca would do the swim, Claire would do the bike and I would do the run.

Packing for this race was really bizarre. I'm so used to packing a full tri bag that it felt like I was forgetting something by not taking more than just my running gear. The trip up to Lake Geneva was quick and rather uneventful. I believe I slept through almost all of it. We got there and went straight to packet pickup. The gear tents were inside the race area, I could already feel my excitement growing. (plus, the swag was sweeet! we got a tri bag instead of a tshirt)

Denise and her family used to vacation at Lake Geneva so she was our tour guide extraordinaire. It was their tradition to eat at a local restaurant right on the lakefront so after dropping our things off at the hotel that's where we went. We were told there would be a bit of a wait so I took the opportunity to walk across to the gorgeous Lake Geneva and take a snap a few photos. It was so beautiful, I made a mental note to add this to my list of places to return to. Denise joined me and with a sense of pride beaming from her smile explained that her dad loved going there because it was the closest thing he felt like Cuba. I can understand that. Also being the child of immigrants I appreciate the sacrifices our families make to ensure a better future for us. I'll always be thankful for what I'm provided because of what my family has had to sacrifice. 

After dinner we meandered around the dock, checked a few gift shops and winded down from the day. Its sort of funny, this is one of the few races that I didn't really feel those pre race jitters. I guess maybe I could say that I just felt that confident, but a part of me knows better. There was something about that place that had this calming effect on me. I wasn't worried or anxious, I was looking forward to racing. The next morning, per my ritual, I got up early and started making coffee for us. This small part of my preparation helps me focus and block out everything else going on around me. I'm not used to having quite so many people around as I prepare so this was definitely a first.

We got to the race site no problem and each headed to our transition area. There were a few other friends of Denise & Claire that we made sure to find. As transition closed and we made our way down to the water it felt strange not prepping myself for the swim. With each wave that entered the water my desire to swim grew stronger. Once we knew Becca was in the water, Claire and I went back to transition to get her ready for the bike leg and discuss timing chip exchange strategy. Waiting for a team member before starting a leg takes a serious degree of patience. That's when it really hit me that I would be there awhile as everyone else was off doing some other portion of the race. I started to wish I had registered for the whole thing instead of a relay. But then I remembered this bike course has a ton of hills and that squashed any sentiments I was having about a solo race. 
oh hey swim start! I'm just here visiting

I'm chatting it up with one of the other relay teams when I glance up and notice Claire coming down the lane through transition. What? Its way too early, what's going on? She looked so disappointed. She had a tire blow out that couldn't be repaired. Super bummer. I wanted to stay and cheer her up, but I also wanted to finish out our race. I grabbed the chip and went out for the run. Right after you exit transition there is a grass stretch then a bridge before entering the woods. This is home. I feel relaxed and energized. There are a few small rolling hills and I'm loving the feel of my shoes digging into the ground. This is freedom.

As I get to the last quarter mile there is the steepest hill of the course, but I can hear the finish line. I channeled my inner Steve "charge the hill". So there I went, bounding up towards victory. I reached the top and gave it all I had left to the finish line. I'm not sure where it came from but I had this super charge of energy and I blew through that finish line feeling stronger than I ever have at the end of a race. This is glory. I collected my medal and snacks before heading over to find the rest of my team. Jeremy, Denise's coach and the founder of our team Crush, was doing the olympic so we tracked him down to offers cheers along the running course. 
but do you see that speed? pony tail on fleek

We stayed around to cheer on as many folks as we could and also to wait for the awards ceremony. Did I tell you that Denise is a beast? because she totally is. This bad ass mujer took third in her age group, earning her a spot on the podium. As a member of her quasi adopted family it felt like I was watching a parent head up there to claim that bronze. I am surrounded by a legion of bad asses. Can't wait to see what she continues to accomplish as she embarks on her first half ironman and marathon later this year. Talk about some serious awesomeness! 
Jeremy, Denise, Claire and I
obligatory bling shot!
Me, Claire and Becca 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Race Schedule (updated 7/1)

1/1/2015Liftetime Triindoor tri
3/1/2015Little RockMarathon
3/29/2015Shamrock Shuffle8k
4/4/2015Chitown HalfHalf Marathon
4/19/2015Sunset Strip HalfHalf Marathon
5/2/2015CPMF Run to Remember5k
5/9/2015Color Me Rad Detroit5k
5/23/2015Soldier Field10 mile
5/30/2015Spartan Beast OH13 mi OCR
6/14/2015GR TriSprint
6/28/2015Big Foot Trirelay
7/17/2015Christmas in July5k
7/19/2015Rock N RollHalf Marathon
7/23/2015Esprit de She5k
7/25/2015Venus de Miles5k
8/2/2015NFL Hall of Fame5k
Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie
Spartan Super Chi
Sprint Tri
10k OCR
8/16/2015Spartan Chi Sprint5k OCR
8/29/2015Chicago Tri Triple ChallengeSuper, Sprint + Oly
9/6/2015Mag Mile Women's HalfHalf Marathon
9/19/2015Battefrog15k OCR
9/27/2015Quad Cities RelayMarathon (relay)
11/1/2015Milwaukee Running FestMarathon
Discount codes for upcoming races: 
7/17/15 - Christmas in July - $10 off with code NATALIPROMO10
NEW! 7/18/15 - Hemingway 8K - $5 off with code HEM8KCRB5
7/19/15 - Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half - $15 off with code TEAMARCIA or code RUNWITHKOVAS
7/25/15 - Wipeout Run 5K - $5 off with code HIGH5 or code HUFFNPUFF
7/25/15 - Venus de Miles Bike Ride - $10 off with RaceNeverEnds
7/26/15 - San Francisco Marathon - $25 off with code TSFM2015JESSICA 
NEW! 8/9/15 - Iron Girl Triathlon - 10% off with code NEVERENDS15
8/23/15 - Fort2Base - 20% off with code f2bambmelanie
9/19/15 - Insane Inflatable 5K - 10% off with code HUFF10
10/3-4 - North Face Trail Races - 15% off with code Wid30LF
12/13/15 - Honolulu Marathon - 20% off with code TOMPRO
Many dates - Spartan Race - 10% off with code SPARTANBLOGGER