Race Schedule


1/3/2016Liftetime Triindoor tri
1/16/2016Star Wars @ Disneyland10k
1/17/2016Star Wars @ Disneyland13.1
3/5/2016Punk the Monk trail race5k
4/16/2016Star Wars @ Disneyworld10k
4/17/2016Star Wars @ Disneyworld13.1
4/30/2016Kentucky Derby Festival*13.1
5/1/2016Flying Pig*13.1
5/8/2016Color me RAD*5k
5/22/2016Chi Spring Half*13.1
5/28/2016Soldier Field 10*10 miles
6/12/2016GR Tri - athena championshipSprint
7/10/2016Caseville Tri (A race)70.3
7/21/2016Esprit de She*5k
7/23/2016Venus de Miles*cycling
8/14/2016Irongirl Pleasant Prairie*sprint
8/27/2016Chicago Tri*supersprint/sprint
9/18/2016North Shore Century*cycling
9/24/2016TriRock Lake Geneva*sprint
9/25/2016Chicago Half*13.1
10/29?Carrera de Muertos*5k
11/5/2016Milwaukee Running Festmarathon
11/13/2016RNR Las Vegas*13.1

*not yet registered

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Spartan Race - various locations, use code SPARTANBLOGGER for 10% off 

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Trail Toes - "Boo Hag” 10% discount code

Venus de Miles  - "RaceNeverEnds" for $10 off registration

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