Friday, February 27, 2015


Now that March is upon us, how many of your resolutions have you kept up with? Are you still working towards your goals? What changes have you made to live a happier healthier life? Here are a few things I'm working on, in no particular order:

 1. Be healthy. For me being healthy is all about my performance as an athlete and my mental health. I'm not dieting or just going to the gym, I'm fueling and training to keep my body strong. As my body continues to evolve I'm continuously in awe of how much progress I've made. I continue to push my limits because thats where gains are made. You won't find any change in the comfort zone.

2. Stay in touch. Now that my life is becoming more balanced and centered I've been making an effort to reach out to friends and family. Its so important to have a strong support system, but it can't be one sided. You need to put just as much into those relationships to foster them as you're getting in return. Show the ones you love that you care.

3. Save money. Part of growing up includes making adult decisions. I've definitely always been a free spirit who moves with the waves of the world but I'm focusing my attention towards progressing in my finances. This might mean fewer races or less trips but somewhere along the way I'll find a balance that works for me. Any suggestions are welcome :)

4. Cut your stress. This one is pretty obvious. Lately my works situation was a bit tumultuous and caused me to reevaluate how my job is contributing to my ultimate career goals. I was able to find ways to reduce the stress and remind myself that this is where I need to be. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and let things rolls off.

5. Volunteer. I can't remember a time when I didn't actively volunteer. Even as a kid, my parents made sure that I was aware of how powerful an impact I could have by donating my time and skills. Recently I added another organization to my repertoire, the Make A Wish Foundation. Becoming a wish granter has been beyond rewarding and I encourage everyone to find a cause they believe in to get involved with.

6. Go back to school. We are never done learning. There are always new skills or knowledge to acquire. I'm working towards bringing this particular element to the forefront of my life as I transition towards new goals. I try to learn as much as I can to make myself an invaluable asset. Knowledge is power.

7. Get more sleep. Seems sort of obvious right? Your body needs rest and sleep is essential to a healthy life. Turn the screens off, dim the lights and get some shut eye. Your body will thank you. Stick to a schedule to make sure you're getting the rest you need.

8. Travel. The world is out there, just waiting to be explored. Pick a city, pack a bag, have an adventure. I love visiting new places and meeting new people. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. Step outside of your comfort zone and experience something new. You just might enjoy it.

More than anything, don't be afraid to climb out on a limb...that's where all the fruit is.

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  1. I would like to get back to Make a Wish Foundation. Do you have a partner already? Do they still pair you up when you visit the families? It's been a while for me.