Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All we are given is possibilities

Getting my nerd on at NYCC
When I first started running I heard warnings from everyone about how much it would damage my body, runners are super prone to injury, you'll lose muscle and that I should stick to other kinds of workouts.  I enjoy strength training, but I really love running.  There is just something about letting go of all your worries, clearing your mind and just enjoying the wind blowing past you on your way to freedom.  Running does that for me, it frees you from your fears and awakens your dreams.  That moment is repeated each and every time your foot strikes the pavement. Going for a jog is probably one of the cheapest forms of therapy.  Put the past behind you and move on.

It's been almost a year since I took that first step towards many miles to come, and it wasn't until now that I have encountered my dreaded first injury.  Sure there was soreness and fatigue, but nothing that kept me from pushing through.  Last week I flew out to New York to be a part of New York Comic Con for a few days.  Once I had my travel plans set I decided to check out any races that might be going on so I could add that to my list.  Turns out the Rock N Roll Brooklyn 10k was that weekend so I convinced a couple friends to sign up with me and made it official. Bad idea.

Brooklyn 10k with some old (and new) friends!
If you've never been to a comic convention, or any convention really for that matter, it involves a TON of walking.  After my first day I was exhausted and already regretting my choice to sign up for a race.  Somehow I dragged myself off my friends couch that Saturday morning to head out in the brisk Brooklyn weather for the toughest 10k I've tackled thus far.  Prospect Park was no joke, that hill  towards the end of the race almost kept me from finishing.  I literally said out loud as I reached the top "thank the dear sweet baby Jesus this hill is finally over".  It felt like I was climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.  Needless to say the copious amount of the walking from the convention all weekend combined with a rough hill lined course took its toll on my body.

Abby and I pre and post race at the Monster Dash

A couple days ago (just one week since my initial injury) I felt recovered enough to do the Monster Dash 5k.  I wasn't feeling any pain so I thought I was ready to run again.  I got about 2 miles into my run when the pain hit.  About a half mile later it was too much and I had to stop and walk the rest of the way.  This was heartbreaking considering I was pacing towards a new PR, but my body comes first and I realized I needed to slow down.  Now I'm a little over 3 weeks away from my next half marathon and so nervous that I won't be ready considering my lack of training as I rest, or worse that I won't be able to run because of this ankle issue.

I was feeling pretty down about it yesterday, I was unwilling to accept that I have limits.  I don't like admitting weakness and definitely not defeat.  So hopefully with the proper care and rest I'll be where I need to be for Vegas.  Even if I have to crawl, roll, limp, shimmy or pimp walk then belly flop across the finish line, you better believe I will make it there.  In the mean time, I received the most amazing news today!  I literally have been smiling all morning since I read the message from I Run 4.  Finally, after months of waiting in anticipation, I have been matched with a buddy!  Awhile back I posted about motivation for running and the organization I Run 4.  They're really amazing and I definitely suggest you check them out.  I'm chatting with the mother of my buddy as I type this so I'll be writing a follow up post to tell you all about my little buddy soon!

Just remember, you're never given more than what you can handle.  Sometimes hitting rock bottom can remind you to start over and use that low point as the foundation to build your future on.  All you need is a new day to start over and make a change.  If you're having a rough time or struggling, have faith that you'll get through and be stronger for it.  When you don't have a leg to stand on, lean on your friends for support and let them help you continue pushing forward.

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