Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Last year when I finally decided to get a gym membership for the first time my requirements were minimal. I needed a pool, some weights, and flexible hours. It wasn't even until a few months ago that I finally decided to take a class and they were a bit lackluster. A couple weeks back I was contacted by ClassPass about their Chicago launch and being the fit addict that I am I signed up for all 3 of the classes/launch parties.
A little about ClassPass (from their Facebook page):

ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible. Since launching in early 2013, ClassPass has facilitated over 100,000 reservations. ClassPass members enjoy greater variety and engagement in their fitness regime, all at a lower price than if they were to book classes individually on their own. Participating studios benefit by attracting new students and profitably filling excess capacity in classes.

The three studios they chose for their Chicago launch parties were Exhale Spa, Flywheel, and The Dailey Method. I had no idea what to expect since I had never taken a barre, yoga or spin class. The first night I just showed up ready to sweat.

Exhale Spa. What a gorgeous facility. Seriously, I felt relaxed as soon as I got there. The locker room was clean (and smelled nice!). I didn't recognize any of the other bloggers so I just wandered around checking things out. Right before class start I bumped into a new blogger I hadn't met yet and we decided to grab mats next to each other for the workout. Side note: we both ran the Mag Mile Women's Half just 2 days before this class. The exercises started off easy enough. However, as they gradually increased in difficulty both the ladies around me and I couldn't help but laugh whenever we slipped or couldn't hold a pose. It was a low pressure class and from what I could tell everyone really enjoyed themselves. Our instructor was smiling the entire time and made sure to walk around and help us with our from/technique. By the end of the barre portion my legs were on fire. I also regret choosing the weights I did because my arms felt like jello. After we mopped up our sweat and grabbed our gear we headed to the lobby to enjoy some fresh juice and snacks. They had a photo booth so naturally we had to take advantage of it. Before heading out the door we each got a goodie bag with some sweet swag in it!

Flywheel. Goodness gracious. I was not ready for this. I have to admit, I always thought spin class was kind of lame. That's partially why I was never interested in attending one. Lord have mercy did Candy prove me wrong. From the moment we were in the saddle she kept us motivated and pushing harder than I thought my legs could pedal. Her high energy and infectious spirit kept us going when we thought we had nothing left to give. We danced, we twerked, but most of all we had a damn good time. Her class is not for the faint of heart. She WILL bring you to the ledge just to show you its possible then bring you back. I'm pretty sure I've found my new off season training spot to get ready for the cycle portion of the tri. I simply won't be able to look at the bikes in my gym the same way again. Seriously, check this place out and definitely take Candy's class. Just typing about it my legs are starting to get that twitch to jump back in the saddle. 

The Dailey Method. This was a great culmination of the week. The stretching was just what I needed. My core felt strong and engaged the entire time. It was a workout but super relaxing. By the time our class was over I thought we were just getting started the time went by so quickly. We did a mix of yoga, barre and some weights that worked your whole body. I spent some time mingling with other bloggers and even met a few new ones. The post workout goodies included fresh juice and a make your own trail mix station.
I absolutely fell in love with ClassPass and can't wait to check out a few more gyms. Its a great way to keep variety in your workouts and try new places. I'm all about cross training to keep things interesting so this is a great fit for me.


  1. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your experiences! Can't wait to hit up another class with you!

  2. Awesome review. Great to seeya at Flywheel and The Dailey Method. I LOVE ClassPass :)