Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Collect experiences, not things

A few days ago at work we had a meeting to discuss the future of the business, our plans, our goals, our see where I'm going with this. We had that same meeting you quietly have with yourself to figure out where you came from, where you're at and where you're headed. There was something we brought up that really struck me and I can't help but draw the parallel between that and my own life. We said that people value experiences. It isn't the the product itself that people value but they way that they interact with it and the feelings associated with that. For instance, a super high tech coffee maker is great and convenient, yet people are still drawn to things like an indie produced pour over coffee maker. Yes, its visually striking and sure a few probably just wanted to support the cause, but at the end of the day what people really love about it is that its a pain in the ass. It can't be done quickly, you have to consciously make an effort to take time to use and yet, that's what you enjoy. You value that time you spent doing it, the feeling of accomplishment when it was over and the fulfilment of savoring the fruits of your labor.

Its not about the thing, its about the experience. If it was simply a product it would fade into the background as static noise. You wouldn't care about it or notice when its gone. When you're truly a part of something it carries a different value. You want to show it off to your friends.

The same can be said for your life. Focus on the experiences. Sure a new pair of shoes can be great, but ultimately its about what you're doing in those shoes. Making the moments count. Find a new place to travel or take a class about something you've always wanted to learn. Collect experiences, not things.

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