Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stress is a killer

I often find that my biggest obstacle in staying on track is my work/life balance. I've recently realized just how precious this relationship is as I watch people around me crumble in the wake of a disruptive balance. First of all, you need to love what you do. Just simply surviving and existing isn't enough. I tried that and I was miserable. I made excuses like oh I'll have time and money for the things I do enjoy so its not that bad. It was. I didn't have time and when I did I simply didn't have the energy to do what I really wanted. Last year at this time I sat myself down and seriously reevaluated my priorities and goals. Things were slowly set into motion and I've made significant progress, but like with all things there is always room for improvement.

 Now I find myself facing new challenges and realizing its time to sit down and focus my energy on what's most important. People often say that New Years is about resolutions and reinventing yourself. Its not. Its about digging deep to figure out your purpose and your plan then dedicating your energy towards accomplishing that. Its always been there, some small part of you, just waiting to be fostered, nurtured, cared for and ready to flourish. The key is striking a balance between all the things in your life.

 Obviously there will be times when one thing takes more attention than others but its so vital to get things back under control after its over. My work life has been so stressful that I'm barely sleeping. Its sucking away my time and energy, leaving very little for anything else. Thankfully I had already planned a weekend getaway for the next few days which will help be rest and regroup. Sometimes you just need a break. If you're constantly burning at both ends you'll eventually just fizzle out. I've been there before. Stretching yourself so thin that nothing is truly getting the attention it deserves.

I'm learning to let go and realizing that sometimes its OK to let others help. My path to self discovery and betterment has brought so many incredible people in my life that have each taken some part of the burden on. They help to keep me balanced. Whether its accountability check ins or simply taking me out to lunch, these small gestures are exactly what I need to keep my mental health in check. It isn't always easy and I often feel like climbing into a cave to hibernate for a week til it all blows over. But then I remember how much potential I have, it doesn't deserve to be squandered.

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