Friday, December 4, 2015

Lincoln Park Brew Lights

I love the zoo. I love beer. Brew Lights is basically the best thing for those like who are still a kid at heart and love checking out the animals and lights while sipping on some brews. The setup was great, there were several tents with the same beers so you weren't stuck waiting in line for very long at any location to get a sample. It was a bit chilly so warming up in the different animal houses was also a big plus. While it originally seemed like the samples wouldn't be enough to truly satiate our beer drinking needs, Adam and I quickly realized that we would have more beer than we knew what to do with. Eventually I had to tap out on drinking the full pours and only took a couple sips of each before dumping it. It was so sad to have to do that but my poor liver just couldn't handle all that. Note to self for next year, be prepared and have snacks. 
fancy little tasting mug
weeeeeee I love the carousel!!!
oh ya know, just riding a giraffe and drinking some beer
but do you see how happy he is? we had a blast! drinking ALL THE BEERS

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