Monday, February 8, 2016

Mikkeller Running Club

Northdown Tap logo on the back of our shirts :)
I love running. I love beer. I love running and then drinking beer. When I joined the Mikkeller Running Club I truly found my tribe. I'm surrounded by a bunch of beer loving runner nerds and I love it. We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary and did a special double feature run weekend. We ran on Saturday at our clubhouse Northdown Tap in Chicago and then took a special trip to Indiana to run with the 18th Street Brewery folks. We capped it off with a delicious pour of Atomic Whale (the Mikkeller/18th Street collabo). But we also got hungry so we made a small detour to 3Floyds afterwards for some grub and a couple more brews. Enjoy the highlights :) 
Saturday's run crew at Northdown giving the Mikkeller standard greeting
MRC takes 18th Street
properly hydrated and exploring the new brewery
MRC + 18th St Running Club
pre-run at the brewery
breakfast of champions!
post-run brewery tour
I took a picture to remember that this was real and not a drunk epiphany
all starting lines should look like this
my new MRC schwag, can't wait to run in it!
oh hello Atomic Whale (please excuse the sweat)

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