Friday, April 10, 2015

Chi-town Half Marathon

Pre Race with my Chicago Running Family
Occasionally I can be convinced to run a race simply because one of my friends will be there running that distance for the first time. That was the case for the Chi Town Half Marathon. It wasn't part of my original race schedule, but when Claire told me she had chosen it as her first half...well of course I had to be there. It didn't hurt that the medal looked pretty sweet too ;)
Claire's first half!
I also enjoy the opportunity to run a course that isn't the museum campus/lake front path area. This race started/ended in Lincoln Park and went north to about Montrose. Sam and I were about a month recovered from our marathon and still had a few lingering pains. Luckily it was a pretty smooth course with great support. There was a water main break which caused the organizers to alter the course on the fly but they did so expeditiously and most people didn't even notice the change. 
Stopping for the scenery...

We took it nice and easy (didn't want to get too crazy considering Sam and I would be running another half the following week in LA). Per usual we stopped for pictures and just enjoyed the course. Nothing overly spectacular about this race. It was well organized and swag was decent but I don't think I need to do it again. 
Bling! (please ignore all that sweat on my nose)
The usual suspects...Sam, Umber, Freddie, me and Amber
Post race, as is our tradition whenever I run with Denise, we went out to Margie's for sundaes. That was really the best part about this whole day. 
did someone say ice cream?

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