Monday, September 19, 2016

Beer Benefits for Runners

If you were following my blog late last year you might remember some recipes and posts about beer. I've decided to keep most of my beer blogging over on The Keg Tap but will occasionally post some things here as well as they pertain to running :)

What does beer have to do with running? Well, aside from so many races having beer at the finish line, there is some science to link the two. While I wouldn't suggest chugging a beer before heading out for a run (actually, I wouldn't ever suggest chugging a beer, let's be honest), it does have some benefits when drank in moderation. Considering most beers under 4.6%abv are mostly water, they can be a tastier option to rehydrate that even includes some protein and carbohydrates. Additionally beer (like red wine) can help lower your bad cholesterol and increase the good. The malt and hops contain flavonoids that counter cell damage.

How about before a race? I've always been a firm believer that beer counts as carbo-loading. I didn't really have anything to back it up but it always made me feel better about my race day performance. Turns out its mostly mental and the pre-race beer isn't that effective but as long as you drink water before and after it shouldn't cause any harm.

(((it should be noted that the scientists consider one 12oz beer per day to be moderate consumption, and there's no rollover on that)))

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  1. Its a different blog but this is for the beer lovers but one thing which is different that beer gives the boost up energy level to a racer person so one should try.